Many have lost trust in the world,people and things because of what has happened. But then how does one live without trust and is it possible, will one mistrust everyone or try to look closer before trusting but how possible is it?I wish I knew the answer but I can only speak for myself.Everyday it’s a struggle I want to trust I have to trust somehow but where dies one begin?



Are we people who are grateful or appreciate the good that happens in our lives. Are we even aware of the good in our lives or feel that someone out there owes us thus we are ungrateful.

Our attitude of being grateful even the smallest things will take us a long way instead if complaining.

Practice to appreciate to see the good in the midst of the worst And see how uplifting it is. Say a positive thing everywhere you go appreciate people.

Our world needs more of us who are grateful. Make someone’s day by complementing them even if you don’t receive a response from them and don’t stop when people don’t respond.

What are you grateful for today


Recently I just reflected on how powerfully our every day language is in the things that we do and shape us.

The challenge then is what are we feeling our minds with, what is the vocabulary that is feeling our minds.  Because everything that we do starts from our minds thus we need to feel our minds with the things that will build us and our communities.

Just think with me if something bad happens out there how do you react to it and if you think about your actions what influences them. I believe it’s the vocabulary that we have either negative or positive.

Now if we want to conquer tge evil that is out there, abuse in our homes or society what vocabulary should we have and have you ever when you meet a situation and you act violently towards it and becomes scared that you can be that negative and as yourself why, you will realise that it’s because of the negative vocabulary.

Tty for a day to be in every situation you come across and look at your reaction and ask yourself what influences that Thinking or that action.

Right vocabulary will help I believe if we have it to react to any situation we face.

In my mind

Can be very scary to know the truth and not live it. Because sometimes you think you are not the one who is suppose to say it but then those we hope that they will say it don’t and do we still keep quite and for how long.

Taking that first step to say it may be the most important and yet scary so why don’t I say it and see what happens. Now that I have said how does it feel I guess it makes me to want to say more.


Have you ever wanted to say how you feel and you know it will help someone but you are afraid to say it and later you wished you did say something.

Did you forgive yourself or still lingering in those thoughts and are they helping you in anyway


It is more useful when used. How much do you know and how much of what you have, have you used and what did that do to your life, surrounding and humanity. How about use that more and imagine what difference it would bring to those benefiting for it.